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2013 Bank Failures ...

Texas Community Bank
Bank of Jackson County
National Bank of El Paso
The Community's Bank
Sunrise Bank of Arizona
Community South Bank
Bank of Wausau
First Community SW FL
Mountain National Bank
1st Commerce Bank
Bank of Kenosha
Central Arizona Bank
Sunrise Bank GA
Pisgah Community Bank
Douglas County Bank
Parkway Bank
Chipola Community Bank
Heritage Bank N Florida
First Federal Bank
Gold Canyon Bank
Frontier Bank
Covenant Bank
1st Regents Bank
Westside Community

There are time limits on claims of FDIC-insured bank accounts, CDs and safe deposit boxes ...

If an insured depositor fails to make a claim an insured or transferred deposit within 18 months after the FDIC initiates the payment of insured deposits, the transferee institution must refund the deposit to the FDIC, and all rights of the depositor against the transferee institution are barred.

The FDIC then remits the insured deposit to the custody of the unclaimed property administrator in the account owner's home state, unless that state declines to accept custody. Upon delivery, the FDIC is deemed to have made payment to the depositor, and all rights of the depositor against the FDIC are barred.

Most states allow claims in perpetuity, but there's a reversion clause. If a depositor does not claim the deposit delivered to the custody of the State within 10 years of the date of delivery, the deposit must then immediately be refunded to FDIC, and all rights of the depositor against the state are barred.

It's important to note that If a state declines to accept custody of the deposit - which they sometimes do - the depositor must claim the funds from the FDIC before the receivership is terminated, or all rights of the depositor with respect to the deposit are barred. Dividends for credits arising from uninsured portions of a deposit may, however, be claimed after the receivership is terminated if a dividend check was returned by the post office for a bad address.

Be aware that due to the number of mergers and acquisitions in the banking industry over the years, it is possible you or a deceased family member might well have an account at a failed bank and not know it. Additionally, unclaimed safe deposit boxes at closed branches may be drilled and the contents sold at auction just weeks after closing, so prompt action is advised.

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