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2013 FDIC Insured Failed Banks

August 23, 2013: Sunrise Bank of Arizona, Phoenix, AZ was closed by the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation was named receiver.

Successor Bank: All deposit accounts, including brokered deposits, have been transferred to First Fidelity Bank, National Association, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

First Fidelity Bank, National Association
5100 N Classen Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK 73118


Est. in 1998 as Camelback Community Bank
2009: Changed name to Sunrise Bank of Arizona

Depositors must establish contact or the successor bank or the FDIC to reclaim their deposits. ► Not every depositor in a failed bank will receive notification from the FDIC, and there are time limits on claims of FDIC-insured bank accounts, CDs and safe deposit boxes. By law, accounts which go unclaimed for an extended period may be time barred, and safe deposit boxes can be drilled and the contents sold at auction. ► Additionally, accounts transferred to successor institutions may have lower interest rates and can lose insurance coverage.

It is important to understand you may have an account at a failed institution and not know it, either because you were a depositor at a bank acquired by an institution that subsequently failed, or if you or a deceased family member are the beneficial owner of a brokered fiduciary account.

For assistance tracing and reclaiming a lost bank account, certificate of deposit (CD) or safe deposit box go to: Unclaimed Account Search

Sunrise Bank of Arizona
2777 Camelback Road
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Camelback Community Bank
Cost to FDIC: $17 million